"What Does Your Mixer Say?”[1]


Stitch’n 4 Your Kitch’n answers the call of all small kitchen appliances and owners alike. The question? How does one dress when company arrives? Isn’t that always the problem?! You have nothing to wear. But you always find something suitable, and comfortable and casual or perhaps classic and elegant; but, your appliances? They are left naked, bare and cold – utterly exposed as if they serve no purpose other than to mix-it-up every now again.


You are glad you have that mixer when you need to whip the cream. You are ever thankful your blender makes the perfect Margarita every time. And what about your food processers, coffee makers and SodaStreams™?! They all save you time so you have time to dress for your party.


That is the very point! You dress. You make a statement. Your kitchen décor is also a place for your expression; your style; your passions; your statement. There is no longer a reason to lug and hide your appliances – not in a cupboard and certainly not in the spare bedroom. Cover up your appliances and then show them off.


I know your countertops have an opinion, and you like it when they shine and they do shine. They show off your taste and style. Your appliances want to be styl’n, too. I sense a bit of a rivalry going on between them. But, after all, this is your kitchen. Your statement. Your cover. Your choice.


Choose your covers from an assortment of fabric pairings in a variety of Collections. Every cover is one of a kind. No two covers are ever identical. Others will have Stitch’n 4 Your Kitch’n covers in their kitchens, but, they will never have covers like yours, and this why: Stitch’n 4 Your Kitch’n embraces your individuality; our uniqueness; your differences . . . your beauty. We are just like you. And, the only time we use cookie cutters are when we bake cookies. The covers we make are for you ~ the individYOUal; the YOUnique YOU; the no one can ever be like YOU covers. We celebrate your YOU-ness!


So, make your statement. Compliment your style. Make your choice of reversible, sturdy, pre-shrunk, color-fast, machine quilted and machine washable covers . . . although some of your covers may need to be pampered and dry cleaned, there is always a cover made just for you.


Complete your kitchen décor with Stitch’n 4 Your Kitch’n covers and listen to what your Mixer says:


        “Cover it Up --- Show it Off”

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