Stitch'n 4 Your Kitch'n


Stitch'n 4 Your Kitch'n is a Utah Limited Liability Company.  Stitch'n 4 Your Kitch'n designs and creates custom, small kitchen appliances covers and a sundry of kitchen linens and accessories:  pot holders; tablecloths; placemats; napkins, etc.  Our owner, designer and artist, Ginger Erickson-Johnsen, puts much thoughtful care into your kitchen and your style.  Ginger delights in creating covers and kitchen linens and accessories with you in mind.  Ginger promises her cliental:  1) every cover, linen and accessories is one-of-a-kind; 2) she pursues perfection; and 3) no order is rushed.  Ginger always says she will "never rush to meet her careless mistakes.".

Copyright 2013 -2020

Contact Owner:  Ginger Erickson-Johnsen; or (801) 996-3473

Toll-Free & Facsimile:  (844) 265-0729

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