Stitch'n 4 Your Kitch'n covers are individually designed. No two covers are ever identical.   Your covers are T.O.P.S.H.E.L.F. covers as the perfection of technique, construction and design demands it to meet the T.O.P.S.H.E.L.F. standard I insist having and using for each of the covers designed and constructed for you.  As only the highest standards are held for your covers, I focus on quality. 


Transformable: We all live fast-paced lives and everyone knows "variety is the spice of life". Now we all have become accustomed to being able to change things up at a moments’ notice. When you wake-up one morning and feel like changing up your cover just turn your cover inside out to reveal a fresh, new look to help style your day.


Original, one-of-a-kind:   Your covers stand-alone in their YOU-niqueness; and their individYOUality.  You will have a Stitch'n 4 Your Kitch'n cover in your kitchen and so will your neighbor, but, this is where the similarity ends.  Your cover will fit your mixer. I do not design nor manufacture "cookie-cutter" covers; only covers that cover your mixer which mixes a delicious cookie dough that bakes a favored family cookie recipe.  Like I say, your covers are original and one-of-a-kind.  


Pockets:  Have you ever bought a kitchen appliance that is "supposedly" an all in one machine only to find that it is all in one box but in many pieces leaving you to find something like a bag to put all the things that you are not using at the moment and find a nice hiding spot for the bag only to find later that you may have hid it too well and now need to spend the next few hours trying to find it. Well, we have, and for that reason all of our mixer covers come with at least two oversized pockets so the only hide-and-seek you will be playing now is with your car keys.


Spin-cycle safe: Nearly all covers need to be thrown into the wash in a warm temperatured wash and rinse cycle.  We suggest you dry your covers on a low heat.  The covers that need special handling will be addressed as being such.


Homemade: Do you remember in the days of your youth when your Mom or Grandmother spent endless hours working on their needlepoint or sewing a torn knee in your pants? Well, we do. And for the very reason of homespun pride and creativity we take great care in every stitch taken to make the time-honoring quality of your covers “just like your Grandmother used to make.”


Exceptional:  Stitch'n 4 Your Kitch'n covers are one-of-a-kind covers. We are all individuals. We, at Stitch'n 4 Your Kitch'n, are no different. We understand you want a cover all your very own and not a cookie cutter cover. When you purchase a cover that is as unique as you are you are decorating with a Stitch'n 4 Your Kitch'n cover.


Long lasting: Art is timeless. True art will be admired for a great many years. When you decorate with Stitch'n 4 Your Kitch'n covers you are decorating with a piece of art and with proper care your cover will last as long as your appliance and most likely longer.


Finessed machine quilting: Our covers may be quilted with a machine, but in the hands of our Designer, your covers are quilted with utmost elegance, care and precision making every cover unique and desireable.


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