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Towels for Every Athlete(TM)

"It's your goals that make you sweat.  It's our goals to be there when you do."

- Ginger Erickson-Johnsen, Owner, The Stitch'n Companies


Thank you for visiting our site.  Our site is still in its' infancy --- I dare say its' perpetual infancy.  LOL

Below are various photographs of items currently in stock.  We carry a slim inventory as we are interested in creating custom towels for you.  There are so many options for colors, designs, fonts, etc. that we could not realistically begin to calculate the variations of towels that could be created.  This is one reason we offer custom orders.  It ensures you get what YOU want and not solely choose from what we choose to design, create and offer to.  (We "gotcha" back.)

For purchases, custom orders and/or questions, please contact our owner and designer, Ginger Erickson-Johnsen at:  (801) 996-3473 or  She warmly welcomes speaking with you. 

While you are here feel free to look around at our others stores:  Stitch'n 4 Your Kitch'n, Stitch'n Design Studio, and Stitch'n Pillows.  Again, thank you visiting for The Stitch'n Companies, LLC.  We look forward to serving you.

With commitment to you, I so remain,

Ginger Erickson-Johnsen


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Contact Owner:  Ginger Erickson-Johnsen; or (801) 996-3473

Toll-Free & Facsimile:  (844) 265-0729

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