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Thinking! Writing! Blogging?

I'll take "Thinking! Writing! Blogging?" for $1,000, Alex. I am a published poet. I have written several books --- only one of which has any hope of a future in publishing. But, blogging? Blogging is counterintuitive; at least for myself. I can be clever with the best of them. I can turn a rhyme, bust a move, spin a yarn and throw down a pun --- but, blog? What is the anthology of the blog, anyway? It's worth a look into.

Okay. I looked and quickly closed that book. Apparently, one version of the history of the term "Blog" is being the longest running, continuous thread of a Web Log in the internet. See Wikipedia, "History of Blogging". You can see how the term blog came out of the words "web"and "log". Roll it off the tongue of this New York girl and I myself might be the very anthology of the "Blog".

This brings me back to its roots: a long running, continuous thread. By jove, it's a journal!!!! Aaargh! I hate journal writing! Okay . . . not quite hate. I have volumes of journals -- and that's why I can say my life is like the Seinfeld show: It's a life about 'nothing' -- now my therapist gets to hear me recite from the annals of my life. Sessions not to be envied nor eavesdropped..

So back to the reason for writing this blog. If you haven't already figured it out . . . this blog is about NOTHING . . . but, that's life as I know it.

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