My Muse is YOU!

Having lived my first 16 years in New York I have been blessed with meeting, associating with, knowing and being friends with an eclectic world culture. When I was raised, New York was known as “The Melting Pot” of America. Actually, being referred to as a “melting pot” is not exclusive to New York or America, for that matter.  A melting pot.  Bring chocolate and we'll have a party.


How splendid to be part of the World’s culture. And, the World’s name is Diversity, and in my Universe, her progeny is called Unity.


I would like to briefly share with you how I have come to appreciate the YOUniqueness of people. It comes as a continuously orbiting; interwoven; diverse; and fluid set of rings which has an amazing life force with no beginning nor end which unifies into one glorious heartbeat: Crossed paths. Curiosity. Knowing I know nothing. Learning I have more to learn. Appreciation.


This (the following) is how That (the above) started:


My dearest childhood and life-long friend, is Filipino and Dutch. It was her Oma who taught me to cross-stitch.


A new classmate in fifth grade was from Ceylon. (I tell ya, that dates me. You may know in 1972 Ceylon became known as Sri Lanka.) Her Mom and her Nānī were the first women I ever saw wear saris. How absolutely stunning.


The beauty of the world is timeless. I am drawn into the pureness of the world as it is steeped in the cultures of millennia ~ a time of never ending beauty and wonder. I am not learned in all customs nor cultures. But, what I am is thirsty.  What I have and what I do know is that I love people.  I love their art and that I find it beautiful and its’ beauty is without border: it knows not time nor space. It simply exists in a way that will always take the breath of the beholder.


Fabrics, patterns, designs speak to me. It no longer remains strictly aesthetic, but becomes ethereal and part of my creative soul. This is the reason my Muse remains true.  My Muse remains YOU.


Come join me and enter into another beautiful part of yourself and that of your neighbor.



~Ginger Erickson-Johnsen

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