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Clients' Comments

Colleen T., Utah, says about her two (2) sewing machine covers and KitchenAid mixer cover:  They "are great", she is very "happy" with them. (2013)


James W., Kentucky, owner of two (2) Stitch'n covers.  (2013)  He ordered an outdoor pruning catchall and marvels at the design and construction Stitch'n Design Studio has to created kitchen appliances covers and also utilize outdoor fabric and design technique to create what he needed and wanted. (2016)






Amber S., Utah, ordered a gift for her Mother.  She has also referred one of her friends to us to design and construct a cover for her.  Her friend placed her order.  (2014).

Melinda B., Utah, ordered two covers for a Bosche Universal and Kitchen Aid Artisan.  She wrote the following:  "It is amazing to me how Ginger created such a work of art that totally represents me.  She spent countless hours fitting the fabrics together in such a way that they tells stories about my heritage and what I value. The Kitchen Aid cover that she made for me is a great addition to my kitchen.  It brightens up the room and you don't even know that it's serving a functional purpose.  I would recommend Ginger to anyone.  She is professional, exact, thoughtful, accommodating, encouraging, committed, sincere, and persistent in getting it done right.  She made sure that the measurements fit my Kitchen Aid perfectly. She was willing to try anything that I suggested. The final product is so sturdy and durable that it will stand up to anything in my kitchen, including my boys. She was outstanding to work with and her work reflects that professionalism. Thank you Ginger."  (2013 & 2014)"

Debbie M., Utah:  "I am client Debbie M.. I absolutely love my cover and am thrilled with the creativity and talent used to craft it. If my grandmother were here she would agree, as she was the previous owner of my mixer and made many batches of chocolate chip cookies with it! We often enjoyed them with coffee on her front porch, watching the sun rise over Mount Werner in Steamboat Springs, CO. Ginger did a stunning job!!! Every time I look at my cover it will bring back warm memories of the times my grandmother and I shared. Thank you, Ginger!! :D"


Jenny D-B., Utah County, Utah:  I am in love with the pillows Ginger made for my grandbabies! I gave her a little info on their personalities their likes and the colors of their rooms and it is like she read my mind:) they are absolutely perfect! She is very talented. Every stitch and detail is beautiful!  It is high quality work and I would definitely recommend her to anyone! She was very professional and took the time to ask questions send design ideas and ask my opinion on every detail. I will do this personalized pillow for each and every one of my grandchildren in the future- it is a gift they ( and I) will treasure forever!! Thank you so much Ginger you are amazing:) (2015)

C.S., Utah:  I love them!


Arlette J-F, Utah:  "Ginger, you are so talented.  I love my cover and I change sides all the time."

DM, Herriman, Utah:  "Just had to write a little note saying how happy we are with our order from Ginger.  Her talent is so amazing- so intricate, so beautiful.  Top that off with exceptional customer service and you have our experience!! Thank you Ginger!!"

Brook N-L, Riverton, Utah:  Ginger Erickson-Johnsen did an amazing job for me. She made custom beanies for a secret sister gift for my daughters dance team. She customized the font, colors, and made sure they were perfect. She checked and double checked to make sure we liked they way they were. She really focuses on quality and customer satisfaction!

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